Karma serves us no more

Karma being a Divine Law that ensures the equilibrium of Energy, keeping the Balance of Deeds and their energetic load, it has served its purpose effectively and wonderfully until now.

However, Karma being a Tool for Universal Learning to rectify Deeds done in an Unconscious State of Being, there comes a time and specifically Frequency when it no longer is the correct way of Learning.

While 5D is a Frequency in which Karma has been made fully conscious, 6D opens up an opportunity for Learning in which Karma no longer serves nor can exist.

Karma has been fully balanced, acknowledged and rectified when moving into 6D.

Divine Justice is Here Now

In 6D, every deed done can never become stuck Energy and thus can never turn into Karma.

Whatever negative deed is done is immediately rectified in that moment by being illuminated in the Light of Pure Consciousness.

From this Day and henceforth on Planet Earth, the Divine Law of Divine Justice shall supercede and replace The Divine Law of Karma forevermore.

No negative Deed shall be done without immediate Energetic Justice be done.

This has been decreed by Spirit and cannot be reversed.