III. Invocation

Align your SELF with SPIRIT

Serapis Light

Invoke your Divine Purpose

With this Invocation, you connect to your Higher Self, committing your entire Being to following a Higher Path.

That Path is the Path of your Soul, your Spirit, your Divine Essence.

These Words provide an Activation of your latent DNA – DNA that is necessary to fulfill your Divine Mission on Earth and realize who you truly are.

As this Invocation also serves as a direct Gateway to Atlantis and off-planetary Activations, I will include the Light Language Version of it below the English one presented here.

Earthly Light Language

Speak these Words out loud in a quiet, meditative and natural environment.

You can also translate these words into your Earthly language, if you prefer that.

To circumvent language barriers, scroll below to The Universal Light Language Version (6D).

As a sovereign Being and Creator of my Reality, my Life and my Existence, I spiritually invoke the following:

I invoke the most Powerful Law of all: The Law of Free Will & Free Choice, seeded and seated deep within my Soul.

With this Free Will, I make the conscious choice to call upon the Ascended Masters, my Spirit Guides and all Light Beings to guide me towards my Divine Purpose here on Earth.

I solemnly declare myself ready and willing to serve the Light, to serve Love, to serve Truth.

I want to become one with Spirit in the Human Form.

I willingly surrender my Ego to the Higher Realms.

To be replaced with and by Spirit, my Soul, my Higher Self.

I wish to become a Spiritual Being of Infinite Power.

To prove myself worthy, I am willing to do whatever it takes, give and receive whatever is necessary, to become one with Spirit.

I sacredly vow to walk my path righteously, honestly and with utmost Integrity.







Universal Language (6D)

For this Language to truly take effect, speak it out loud.

Before you do, point your finger on your Index Finger exactly between your eyebrows, then say “Qi Akash”

Mas Ve Ha La

Mas Va Eh Ha La

Nus Si Ma Es Mi Ih-Na

Val Ma Ha Es Mi Ih-Na

Se-Se Mel Vil-Ha

Eh-Na As Su-Na

Sa Ma La Ha Es Mi Ih-Na

Val Me-Hor Es Ma Su-Na

Sa La Ma Es Su Na

Vi-Hi Ma Hal O-Na



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