1) Reject the Insanity of Feminism

Feminism has been hands-down the No.1 worst Disease of Humanity and Human Society for over 40 years now.

By a very large margin.

No virus could ever compete with the sickness of the beliefs that form the construct and system that Feminism has become at this point.

The core idea of feminism is centered around a superiority complex of women over men — while being rooted in an inferiority complex of powerlessness and thus victimhood.

Anything that goes wrong is because of men and the Patriarchy holding them back.

Anything that goes right is ‘Go Girl, you rock!’

Almost any 5 year-old has a better understanding of the world and capacity to self-reflect than that.

Not feeling loved makes women go on a rampage of spiteful, poisonous & vindictive insanity that is just as self-destructive as it is ludicrous while being portrayed as righteous and justified.

Every time you say ‘I am a Feminist’, you are saying ‘I am a hateful bitch that assumes absolutely no responsibility for her thoughts, feelings & actions.

“I am inherently a victim and nothing is ever good enough for me.”

If you are a male and say these words, you have booked yourself a one-way ticket to Castration & Cuckoldry.

Like a magical Passphrase, adopting Feminism as a Man means rejecting your Masculinity entirely.

In a pathetic effort to gain attention from women and find absolution from your existential guilt as a Man, you run over to the enemy – knowing full well that they are on the Titanic, on a course for self-destruction.

Expect only the most disrespectful and abhorrent behavior coming your way — you truly earned it.

As a Feminism-brainwashed Woman (if you are born after 1960 in the West, it is almost a given), ask yourself this:

Does my attitude and behavior warrant any type of positive response?





By making demands for all the above while offering nothing of true value?


It deserves to be ignored and to be shut down immediately and, considering the scope of its destructiveness nowadays, even Violence has become a necessary option to adequately deal with the Insanity – putting them in check.

So, if you want to ever experience Self-Love, Femininity and the Loving Care of a real Man, avoid Feminism at all costs.

Not only that: It is your duty to fight it.

This issue can only ever truly be changed from within, i.e. by women themselves.

2) Learn Forgiveness

Being a vindictive bitch who ‘never forgets’ and continuously poisoning the well is about the worst contribution you can make to Humanity now.

What Humanity needs are feminine Women who embrace their Femininity fully and unconditionally.

Learning to forgive and let go of resentment is a lot easier for women than it is for men.

Your energetic biology is designed and destined to transform energies and to receive energy for processing.

Men are dependent on women entirely for energy transformation until they have reached a fully 5-dimensional existence and learnt to do it themselves through the consciously polarized integration of Self.

Just like women are dependent on a man seeding them with ideas until they have reached 5D Mastery.

3) Open your Heart & Embrace Your Femininity

There is nothing more attractive than a soft & open woman that stands in the integrity of her Heart.

Being feminine equals receptivity, allowing, surrendering, following the right advice.

To be the receptacle for Love, you need to make yourself available to Love first.

Putting up a façade due to your insecurities and having a jealous & immature Ego Complex is not going to help you with that.

Becoming a Magnet for Love starts with YOU.

If you want to bring a child into this world – a child that knows love, care, no birth complications (physical-mental-emotional) and will thrive as a positively-polarized human being, being able to add to this world instead of being a net negative, then YOU better make yourself a vessel that is receptive to this energy and that kind of child.

4) Keep your Vessel Pure

Take great care of yourself.

Keeping your body pure does not mean being a virgin, either.

It is possible to have had dozens of sexual partners while being energetically clean & pure like a virgin.

That requires you to 1. Live your sexuality in the integrity of your inner feminine compass. Only allow those energies in that resonate with you from a higher perspective.

In direct words: Don’t become a woman known to be a trashy whore because you do not respect yourself at all and allow men of low value & no integrity to enter aka ‘fuck’ you.

What may take a man just a few moments to give to you will be with you for an entire (menstrual) cycle. At the very least, that is.

Stay somewhat lean & fit while allowing for feminine features.

Reduce meat & animal intake.

Drink more naturally prepared juices. Even being vegan for a few months can do absolute wonders for most women.

Putting an inch of toxic clay on your face and walking on ankle-breakers is not taking care of yourself.

That is self-abuse.

Be kind, soft & loving to your body – it will show immediately.

5) Integrity: Be Honest, Loyal & Responsible

Integrity is just as important for women as it is for men.

Nothing good ever came from lying, cheating or blaming.

If you feel that you deserve a good & happy life, then you need to act accordingly.

There is no such thing as a victim.

Everyone creates their own Reality, at all times.

You can either choose to hold yourself accountable – or the outside world will do that for you.

There is good reason for police, taxation, prison and a judicial system.

What if you want to sleep with another man other than your partner? Communicate that to him – see what happens.

It is the lies people tell themselves and each other that keep them trapped in a cycle of darkness & karmic realities.

Break out of it, stop hiding and live your inner Love & Light.

6) Feminine Magnetism – Make yourself desirable

What is more attractive to a Man than a Woman who radiates Love, Compassion, Beauty, Care and Nurture?

Nothing in the world.

When you become the woman that loves herself deeply and intimately, you will only attract men who do the exact same for themselves.

Love is the only logical match there is for Self-Love.

7) Desire & Respect Masculinity

For you to truly understand yourself as a Feminine Woman, you need to find yourself by looking into the only true mirror there is for you: A Masculine Man.

While being in Love with this Man, focusing on the Love you have for him, simultaneously, your Shadows will be revealed and illuminated.

Ever wondered why there is always the butterfly beginning in which all is so perfect – just to then gradually progress to the decline and eventual destruction of the relationship?

That is what happens when either or both parties involved do not work on themselves and make no effort to uphold the sanctity of the relationship.

Honoring, loving & appreciating your man will make you honor, love & appreciate yourself.

By giving the Man — or Men, an equally valid choice for those who have that as part of their honest Soul Mission here — all the Love in your Heart, you will give and gift yourself with even more Love.

It is a never-ending cycle upwards which creates more and more Life, mirroring Source itself.

8) Learn to Surrender

Femininity’s greatest power lies in the surrendering to what is.

If you are single and don’t like it, what are you going to do?
Fight it, Hate it, Forcefully change it?

Surrender to your current situation, WHATEVER it may be.

Think of yourself as a glowing River of Love.

What are you actively doing to keep that sacred river unblocked and the waters fresh and clean?

If you resist the Flow, it will most certainly manifest as menstrual problems as well.
When you are aligned with your femininity, there is no such thing as painful menstruation or other sexual problems.

Surrendering is by far the greatest gift you have.

Make use of it or suffer the consequences of going against your very nature & biology.

If it still needs mentioning, this also means surrendering to a masculine man who has earned your trust by being a good leader.

Follow his lead and surrender to his willpower – it will make you a much more powerful woman in return.

9) Be the Woman others want to be (with)

Being a feminine role model means to know who you are at the core of your being.

Inspiring other women to be more feminine while inspiring men to be more masculine — making efforts to become more attractive to a woman like yourself.

Other women will want to know your ‘secret’.

Is it the makeup, the workout routine, the spa you go to?

Why are you so eminently attractive, radiating feminine fertility and thus power?

You will then be able to show them the way simply by being yourself, loving yourself, opening your Heart and leading the way.

Being a feminine Woman is easy. It is your very nature, for otherwise you would not find yourself in a female body.

Reject it and suffer.

Accept it and Love, Live & Laugh.

With the insanity surrounding you and female biology being hardwired for community and empathetic exchange, falling into the virus sect belief of Feminism may be easy at first.

But guess what? The results are in AND ITS NOT WORKING OUT FOR YOU!

Which choice are going to make?

Bitter & resentful or loving & powerful?

Choose wisely.