Time as a Construct of Consciousness

Many attempts have been made to measure time, philosophize about it, rationalize it, catch it, make sense of it.

Time itself, just like Space, is merely a Construct.

That Construct changes based on the Consciousness of the Perceiver experiencing Time.

The more you ascend, the more your Perception of Time will start aligning with True Time: Which is simultaneous, all happening at once, given form and structure by the perception of linearity.

To a 3D-conscious Human, Time is 4-dimensional.

They may perceive time to flow faster when they are enjoying something while it seems to last forever when they despise the situation they find themselves in.

That is a 4-dimensional understanding of time, interpreted by 3-dimensional Being.

To the 3 to 4-dimensional Human, “Time is Money”, Time is limited and Time is linear.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Plan for the Future.


Time, however, now is truly becoming a 6-dimensional Reality.

Going from 4-dimensional to 6-dimensional on a 5-dimensional Planet, Time has completely changed its meaning in the past 12 Years since 2012.

And now, with 2024 and 6D MetaTron as a Planetary Consciousness emerging, Time will forever be experienced non-linearly, thus simultaneously.

This opens doors of consciousness and opportunities for spiritual growth like never before. 

The Flow of Time

Time is Feminine, Space is Masculine.

To create Reality, Time allows Space to penetrate it.

Have you ever wondered what came first? Time or Space?

Time comes first – it is the Matter from which spatial Creation is made.

Just like The Masculine uses Feminine Energy to create Realities, Space creates itself from the Energy of Time.

Observe Human Reality:

Women are more patient, more flexible, more flowing and more allowing than Men.

Men take up more Space, have better spatial Awareness and are the Engineers and Architects of Time (Time Keepers & Guardians of Time) – in deep Devotion to the Feminine Principle.

Just like a Woman who is in Alignment with her Divine Femininity, there is nothing that can stop her Flow.

She is a Well of Beauty & Rejuvenation, providing Infinite Flow, Infinite Time, Infinite Everything.

The more you surrender to The Feminine, to Time, to Flow, the more you learn how abundant Time is – and how constricting it is to go against Divine Time.

Timelines – Individual Time & Collective Time

Take YOUR Time.

You have your individualized & unique Creation of Time while, at the same time, being connected to the universal-collective Time Nodes and Time Lines.

Aligning your Timeline with the Galactic-Universal Time is a direct result and product of Ascension.

Once you reach a 7-dimensional Existence, you operate entirely on your own time – which you can then consciously choose to integrate into the Time Field of your current Location (Location meaning both Space & Time here). 

So being on Earth as a 7-dimensional Being, if you want to interact with all those who have not mastered their Sense of Time and its Conscious Creation as you have (you can reach all the way down to 5-dimensional Beings from here), you have to align your Time Line with the Time Line of the Planetary Reality.

While Humans (in 3D before 1980) had to completely rely on Technology and Divination Techniques such as Astrology to tell Time, being tightly bound to Time as a Physical Reality, this has changed fundamentally since then.

More and more Time has been made available to Humanity – leading to more Freedom, more Money and simply more Opportunities.

The more you Relax, the more Time is available to you

What feels more comfortable – doing something rushed or having all the time in the world to get it done?

The first may provide a great opportunity to prove to yourself to perform well under a time constraint (“pressure”).

However, this is a self-induced race against the clock.

In the Corporate World, it is called Dead Line for a reason.

No one ever has time for anything – more work equates more work. 

And you never truly finish anything, never finding any sense of Joy in your Work.

Honor your SELF. Honor your Time. Honor the Universal Principles and learn WITH it, not against it.

Just like Humans will never be able to defeat, conquer or overcome Nature, going against the basic Principles of Reality such as Time and its Natural Flow is setting yourself up for Failure.

So make sure to surrender to the Flow of Time rather than trying to force it into submission to be at your service.

The Master is not a Slaver.

The Master knows the Truth and honors all Creation.