When speaking of Past Lives in the context of this article (and generally speaking of all material on this website), I mean previous Earthly Incarnations.

Earth experienced many Frequency Shifts since its First Days of Lemuria.

Here, I am including all my Incarnations since the Days of Atlantis – the time of my first Earthly Existence.

There are many other Lives that I lived outside of the Earth Experience – in different Galaxies, walking amongst different Species in various Bodies.

Chronological Order of my Past Lives on “Earth”

Time Denomination: The Common Calendar’s 2012 is Gaia’s 0 (Earth as a 5-dimensional Entity).

2012 = 5D Ascension of Earth

2012 = 0

Anything before “2012” is before Ascension.

For example: I am counting 1.000 B.C. as 3012 before Ascension (B.A.)

Our way of linearly counting time, bound to the Old World, has long since stopped being true or accurate.

While I could go into great detail of specific lifetimes, for the sake of coherence and relevance for this article and my work on Earth, I will simply give you a chronological order of my Past Lives, along with its Time and my chosen Focus of those Lives.

Every single one of these lives, I have chosen to incarnate as a Man.

This provided me with an opportunity for greater learning and made my Earthly Ascension a lot more difficult and thus richer in learnings.

1. Atlantis

27.000 B.A.

Temple Guardian & Priest

2. Ancient Egypt

13.000 B.A.

Light/Dark Priest

3. Ancient China

7.000 B.A.

Farmer & Martial Artist

4. Ancient Greece

6.000 B.A.

Warrior King

5. Babylon

6.000 B.A.

Phoenician Spice Trader

6. Persia

5.000 B.A.

Persian Warrior

7. Tibet

5.000 B.A.

Buddhist Monk

8. Egypt

3.000 B.A.


9. Greece

2.000 B.A.

Philosopher & Politician

10. Ancient Japan

1.600 B.A.

Prostitute & Samurai

11. Norse/Asgard

1.100 B.A.

Viking Chieftain

12. Medieval Spain

900 B.A.

Lucifer Incarnate: Dark Magician

13. Renaissance Italy

300 B.A.

Fashion Designer, Knights Templar

14. Soviet Union

1959 – 1986

Athlete & Firefighter

Me Chernobyl
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15. Germany

1992 – 2018

Free Thinker, Athlete & Entrepreneur

Dominik July 2018 BUD 2
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