March / April: 6D Metatron

With The 6D March 2024 Shift completed, we are now receiving the last Updates and Upgrades both on a planetary level as well as in our Human DNA.

For about 66% of Humanity, these 6D Upgrades will manifest through their 4D Being.

Another 22% will receive these 6D Upgrades through their 5D Being.

And the remaining 12% of Humanity will become fully 6D-activated at this time.

5D to 6D Plant Medicine

With Planet Earth having gone through its internal Shift from 5D Gaia to 6D Metatron (2018 to 2024), the planetary reality has now reached a completely new level of Frequency Creation.

What was merely a lofty Dream in 1999 – NOW – can be instantaneous Reality Creation.

The Planet has transformed itself into Pure Light – and all that grows from it (Plant Life) is being upgraded accordingly.

What was 5D Plant Medicine before 2019 has more and more become a 6-dimensional Medicine System.

By 2027, all Plant Medicine will have become 6D in Nature.

The recent Legalization of Marijuana (which serves as a Gateway to True Healing for many) in various Countries is just the beginning.

Through the Upliftment of Earth’s Planetary Medicine System, a new kind of Shamanism is necessary to wield the Power and harness the Healing Properties of the Medicine.

A 4D Shamanic Consciousness that is, by definition, rooted in unhealed Trauma and has not seen The Light (5D Baseline), will get destroyed.

4D Shamanism is replaced by 6D Guidance with an all-encompassing 5D Love Frequency.

The Great American 6D Solar Light Eclipse

With Planet Earth having gone through its own Ascension from 5D Gaia to 6D Metatron, awaiting absolute completion by September 2026, we are now looking at the First 6D Light Portal that ever existed on Earth.

Neither Atlantis nor Lemuria ever knew this level of Frequency.

The Solar Eclipse that is about to happen between, in and throughout Northern America is going to change the Templates for worldly Governance forever.

The US plays a critical role in New World Leadership.

Thus, the Frequency of 6D physically reaching and being imbued into the land of the US is going to have profound effects and kick off ever-lasting changes on how Humanity sees Politics, Economics, Leadership and its Role as a Galactic Species.

We can expect a lot more “UFO Sightings” shortly, with a lot more galactic Communication incoming and outgoing.

This will be the greatest Celestial Event until August 12, 2026 – which is when this particular Portal that has been opened with this upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in America will be closed with a Total Solar Eclipse in Europe.

The Light has Arrived

With this Eclipse, Humanity will be activated like never before.

6D DNA Imprints that have been dormant will be fully activated.

Ascension for Humanity will finally have been fully effected – and there will be no turning back anymore, for anyone.

The Dark Days are over – The Light has come.

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