12 Universal Laws

To keep and assure Divine Order and thus an Energy Flow that is a direct representation of Source itself, several Energetic Templates (10-dimensional in nature) have been put into place across all Universes, i.e. Manifestations of Creation of any Consciousness.

These Energetic Templates become Laws of individual Application in a 6-dimensional Reality.

These Laws are enforced through Hermetic Seals.

Hermetic Seals are Divine Codes of Existence, hardwired, at the core of all Creation Templates.

These 12 Laws are an oversimplification of the vast complexity of the Universe and Source Creation.

However, they are all accurate and true to existence and reality itself.

1. Law of One

The Law of One describes and perpetuates one eternal Truth:

All is One.

All in existence stems from the same Source and will return to that same Source.

Whatever is experienced at any given moment in any given place shall be recorded (Akashic Records) and remembered for Eternity.

Nothing exists in separation or opposition to one another – all is equal and all is one.

2. Law of Energy

Everything in existence is Energy.

Energy is neither good nor bad, not even neutral.

It simply is and it simply exists.

There is nothing that cannot be transformed from one state of Energy to another state of Energy.

It is lawfully agreed upon by all Beings in Existence that the Energy given & received is not theirs to keep any longer than it is rightfully theirs to give & receive.

3. Law of Polarity

Energy exists in perpetually-polarized states.

These states can either exist in Duality, Polarity or Unity.

The Mirrored Match is a Reality created by seeing one as the other.

Based on the Level of Consciousness, this Match is either perceived as separate & other (Duality), unified & other (Polarity) or completely unified as One (Unity).

4. Law of Frequency & Vibration

The Law of Frequency & Vibration means that All Energy manifests as Frequency that vibrates at a certain rate.

Everything can be measured as Frequency and everything can be expressed as a Vibration.

Modern Technology has revealed that Colors, Words, Music and many other manifestations of Energy can be measured and expressed purely as Frequency.

When Frequency matches another Frequency, vibrating at the same rate, an Energetic Match has been created that will then trigger the Law of Resonance.

5. Law of Resonance

The Law of Resonance dictates that every Energy is a vibrational Match to any Energy of the same Frequency.

Or, speaking in a 6-dimensional sense, of the same Geometric Templates – clicking together like puzzle pieces.

You literally attract what you are.

6. Law of Attraction

 That which resonates with you does not necessarily serve you nor your highest good.

The Law of Resonance easily leads to spiritual complacency, a state of non-doing as everything is comfortable and conforming to one’s own energetic patterns & beliefs.

Thanks to the Law of Attraction, you will find yourself in situations that are serving your highest good, increase your learning and knowing of self by inadvertently putting your spiritual growth first.

You attract that which your Soul chooses for you, no matter how much of a different energy pattern to your own it may have.

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship with someone who was not according to your expectations, nor did you ever think that you could feel the emotions of “Love” for them?

That is the Law of Attraction in action.

It provides you with an opportunity for learning that the Law of Resonance on its own cannot.

Without the Law of Resonance, the Law of Attraction would not be able to exist.

Everything in the Universe builds upon each other and works synergistically, all interconnected with one another.

7. Law of Intent

Everything is Intention.

Whatever you do, it starts with an Intention.

If your Intention is negatively charged, the Deed that follows will be of a negative nature.

If your Intention is positively charged, the Deed shall be of a positive nature.

Simple as that.

What constitutes negative or positive, or, in much simpler terms, bad & good?

Who or what is to judge which is one or the other?

To answer all that, Spirit has created The Law of Karma.

8. Law of Karma

When a Deed is done, an energetic imprint is created.

Every Deed is the creative Manifestation of a Belief and Conviction.

If that Belief/Conviction is not aligned with the Truth – the Truth as per Spirit – then Karma helps in remembering that same Truth.

There is no such thing as positive Karma anymore.

As per 5D Consciousness and beyond Duality, Karma is inherently of negative polarity (effective 2012).

Karma is a direct result of Unconsciousness.

Unconsciousness is the result of a closed Heart – a Disconnection from Source, from Spirit, from Truth, Love & Light.

When Karma is illuminated for what it is – Unconscious Energy Patterns – its energy is dissolved and transforms into Learnings.

9. Law of Free Will

Every Being in Existence is entirely self-sufficient, free & independent.

The choice to not feel free and experience the lack of Freedom is made through Free Will to begin with.

Forgetting your true Nature, by incarnating as an unconscious Human, for example, was your choice and your choice alone.

One of the most fundamental lessons in the Universe are cenetered around Freedom, Free Will and Power.

10. Law of Power

Power is easily the most misunderstood concept in this part of our Universe.

Power is an innate state.

Power cannot be derived from outer circumstances or others.

Power only exists within you.

Power expressed through Fear is Tyranny & Control.

Power expressed through Love is Light, Peace & Wisdom.

Entire Worlds have seen their end due to the misuse and abuse of Power.

Abuse of Power creates Karma – and the Game of unconscious Learning begins.

Power as a beautiful Expression of Spiritual SELF is in alignment with Source and therefore THE ONLY TRUE POWER that exists.

You have not mastered your Existence as long as your idea of Power is not in full alignment with SOURCE.

11. Law of Abundance

There is always enough of everything.

With the Scarcity known on Planet Earth until recently, many may disagree with this Truth.

Yet Spirit always provides exactly what is necessary for the appropriate experience to happen and unfold.

Rich or Poor are merely ideas of the Human Ego.

There are many of great Poverty who are a lot richer than those considered the richest on your Planet.

Abundance is an acknowledgment of an inherent Spiritual Truth: Whatever you have or do not have is enough.

It is exactly right for you.

Money is one of many expressions of Abundance.

For Abundance manifests in INFINITE ways.

12. Law of Infinity

Infinity means that there is an endless & eternal Truth: There are no Limits and all Limits that do exist are self-imposed – to once more teach about Infinity as Truth.

Infinity means just that: Everything is infinite.

The idea of anything being finite is purely an illusion.

Understanding this fundamental Truth makes you realize that there is never anything to worry about.

Death becomes meaningless, poverty non-existent and Fear an idea of a disconnected Mind, not of the Heart.


Venture forth, brave Soul, and discover your own Truth.

The very Truth that Spirit sent you here to remember.